About Us

Bilfa was founded in 2009 following 21 years of experience with group companies Kipaş and Metaş, which are active in the electromechanical installation sector, totaling over 35 years of industry experience. Bilfa began its business by importing threaded fittings under the brand name of Parker Davis (PD), and has been among the topmost reputable companies in the sector.
In order to apply the proficiency in electromechanical installation to the hygienic installation design and application sector, and to only specialize in this area, it was decided to proceed with material supply, application, and complementary engineering in this sector, on top of importing threaded fittings. We are always at your side with our qualified and certified personnel, as well as modern equipment for your projects, which require experience and in-depth knowledge in subjects such hygienic installation, materials, application, and complementary engineering. Bilfa, who upholds the principle of creating value and delivering effectiveness for its customers, and responding to expectations with quality and confidence, knows its duty to stand behind its service.

Our Quality Policies

  • “To provide services according to National and International Standards and Regulations in hygienic process applications
  • Remain open toward innovation without sacrificing quality, and maintain continuous development as a basic philosophy
  • Develop a service that exceeds satisfaction by capturing customer needs and expectations at the highest level
  • Complete services in the most rapid and timely manner by following time management principles
  • Work with our suppliers and subcontractors in a business and goal unification alongside a mutual trust principle
  • Work with a managerial staff who believes in the power of sharing and teamwork
  • Ensure that social responsibilities are among our service priorities
  • Minimize the risks that arise from the business area in which we operate by adhering to the occupational health and safety legislations
  • Reduce the amount of waste on site with an environmentalist approach, to protect the natural area by taking necessary precautions to prevent pollution
  • BİLFA management administration continues to work by affirming that the above-mentioned principles will be communicated to and understood by all employees, and stay constantly updated and improved”

Objectives and Principles

MAIN TARGET: To provide competitive and optimized application services and deliver customer satisfaction.

Among our MAIN principles:

  • Deliver reliable and continuous service
  • Produce original and innovative solutions in system design
  • Keep research and development in the forefront
  • Remain open to criticism and recommendations
  • Offer competitive, economical, and top quality products by staying up-to-date
  • Implement structured planning and time management techniques
  • Continue internal and sectoral training
  • Provide economical and high quality service using the best solution proposals
  • Protect economical and environmental well-being, with the focus on energy saving.

Our AIMS, Quality, and Trust philosophy, with a strong technical team and a dynamic team spirit, and understanding: to fulfill our commitments without sacrificing the principles of timeliness and satisfaction.”